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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SpinDoctor hosts debate on communications issues

Most people who own a computer travel to cyberspace for everything from mundane information like movie times to the news of the day. And increasingly they are looking to social media for discussion of professional issues.

SpinDoctor is a new weekly blog for all those who are interested in professional communications issues. Whether an issue involves how the media handle a story or how a corporation dealt with a serious crisis, SpinDoctor wants to encourage critical discussion of how we can communicate better.

The author of SpinDoctor is Gord McIntosh, an Ottawa public affairs consultant who has worked in several media as a journalist. In addition to running a consulting practice in government and public affairs, Gord works as a media trainer and ghost writer.

Some postings will involve professional advice to communicators on how to deal with a tricky problem like a gun shy client. Other postings will look at actual case studies of what works and what doesn't. Still others might look at how the PR industry and the media are serving the public.

Whatever the topic, your comments are more than welcome. Let's debate communications and media issues.

Gord McIntosh

Brief commercial message: You can find SpinDoctor through my 110percent.ca website If you have an interest in exploring blogging as a business tool, I'd encourage you to visit the BlogDoctor page. It's part of a new service offering which also includes MagDoctor.
Cheers, GMC

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